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Diecast on Demand is part of a proud legacy of father and son projects. At an early age, our owner Drew spent time with his father, Ralph, scouring stores hand-picking Hot Wheels from shelves to take to car shows and events in northern Indiana. As a businessman, Ralph understood the importance of honesty, integrity, and customer service and wanted to teach these principles to Drew. Fast forward to 2020 and with the passing of Ralph, Drew saw an opportunity to create similar memories and pass these same principles on to his son, Nolan.


Together, Drew and Nolan enjoy making the same memories, frequently going straight to the toy department when they go grocery shopping with the full support of Drew's wife and Nolan's mother, Krystal. Together, we love going on diecast adventures and look forward to attending shows and conventions as often as possible. We take pride in offering a varied selection and working closely with our network of distributors to ensure we can offer something for everyone.

Customer Testimonials

Thomas M..jpg

“Shout out to Diecast On Demand for the great price, fast shipping and very well packed Kroger's! 10/10 will do business again. Everything arrived perfect."

— Thomas M.

Kevin L..jpg

"The well known Diecast On Demand. Quick and clear communication, immediate shipping, quality packaging. Items arrived in perfect condition. Will continue to do business with them.

— Kevin L.

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